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Congratulations on winning the VOWS Awards mate. I'm glad our vote counted, you deserved the award big time!! Hope it brings you loads of extra work!! Cheers,
Brian and Angela Martin

Lee Live

Q. Do you have any Songs we can listen to?
A. Yes, click on the Music page for some recent recordings. 

Q. How many Weddings do you do per year?
I do almost 80 events each year. Over 60 of them are Weddings. The others are a mix of Birthday Parties and Corporate Events.

Q. How soon before my event will you need my Play-List?
A Play-List in-advance is not essential as I give everyone cards and pens for requests on the night. It is useful to know what sort of music you don't want playing. I will need to know your First Dances around two weeks prior to the event. But if you have a play-list of a dozen songs please send it to me a couple of weeks before the event.

Q. Can you call a few Ceilidh Dances?
A. Yes, I can call up to 30mins of the Ceilidh dances including all main dances: Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant and Orcadian Strip The Willow included in the price. Extra sessions available for an additional charge.

Q. Do you download your music?
A. Yes, I have subscribed to the Broadchart database so I can download additional high-quality wav files.

Q. What sort of Backing Tracks do you use?
I use Professionally-made Backing Tracks. Each one is designed to sound like the original artist.

Our friends are professional singers. Can they sing at the event too?
A. Yes. Provided they supply the backing tracks 2 weeks in advance this can be arranged.

Q. Can you provide a Karaoke service at my event?
Yes, though I need advance notice so I can bring a projector and my Karaoke CD collection (over 1000 songs).

Q. Do you have any special requirements at our venue?
Yes, I will need at least 2 walled power sockets and a minimum of 10ft x 4ft of space to set-up in.

Q. How much time do you require to set up?
A. IBased on all my gear being ready in an anteroom I will need between 35 and 55 minutes to set-up; depending on the size of the system. 

Q. Can you set-up during the day-time?
A. Yes, for a small fee. Please email for quote.

Q. Do you have a Portable Appliance Testing certificate?
Yes. All my equipment has been electrically tested by a qualified engineer.

Q. Do you have a Public Liability Insurance?
A. Yes. I have a 10m policy with Royal Sun Alliance as part of my membership with Equity.

Q. Do you have a ProDub Licence?
Yes, each year I buy a licence to make a copy of the tracks that I rip from my CD collection.

Q. How far can you travel to perform at an event?
A. I don't charge any mileage fee within 20miles of Edinburgh. A small charge per mile is added to the quote after that.

Q. When do you require payment?
A. A non-refundable and non-transferable Deposit is required to secure a booking. The balance is required either 10 days prior to the event as a cheque or BACS transfer or in cash before the event starts on the day.

Q: Will our guests still be able to hear themselves talk while you DJ?
A: Yes. I am aware of the need to keep volume levels within comfortable limits, especially when everyone is in the same room. I take decibel readings through-out the night and aim to keep my music within the H&SE Noise at Work guidelines. 

Q: Can we see a list of songs you normally play?
A: Yes, Click on the Top 100 button on my Music page.

Q: Do you have Back-up Equipment?
A: Yes, I always carry spares of the essential items. Mixing Desk, Music Collection, Microphones, Laptop, Soundcard, Cables, etc...

Q: Can you play World Music?
A: Yes, I own loads of German; French; Spanish; Asian; Australian; Sri Lankan; Indian; Trinidad & Tobago; Cuban; Jewish-Israeli; Nigerian; Algerian; South African; Arabian; Canadian; Scottish and Irish music.

Q: What styles of music do you have?
A: All styles: Dance, Pop, Motown, Disco, Indie, Rock, Metal, Trance, Salsa, Country, Swing, Punk, RnB, Funk, Rave, Rap, SKA, Northern Soul, Calypso, Soca, Carnival, Bhangra, Bollywood, Jazz, Indie, Reggae, Ballroom, Jive etc. etc.

Q: What is the difference between the Ultra-modern system and the High-Quality one?
A: The Ultra-modern system has digitally-controlled lights so I can set the mood.

All the equipment is of a hi-fi/studio quality: A 2kw or 4kW QSC PA system; A&H mixing desk; Top of the range Sennheisser Mic; and an Auto EQ system.
The High-Quality system has fewer lights. They are sound-activated. The PA is a 400w or 800w Mackie system. Behringer Mixing desk and EQ is manually adjusted.

Q: Why does the sound need to be Equalised (EQ)?
A: To remove troublesome frequencies caused by anomalies in the shape of the room.

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